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Welcome to Opportunity House!

For over 50 years, our not-for-profit organization has helped persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead happy, healthy and productive lives. Serving DeKalb County, Illinois, we offer:

  • 24 hour Residential Care
  • Supported Community Living
  • Supported Community Employment
  • Sheltered Employment
  • Developmental Training
  • Recreation Activities
  • Participation in Special Olympics
13th Annual Sycamore School District Volleyball Charity Event Benefiting Opportunity House Inc, Athletics
THANK YOU for Supporting Us!

Give DeKalb County, a 24-hour fundraising event for local nonprofits, was held on Thursday, May 2, 2019.  Give DeKalb County creates awareness of the nonprofit ...

Thank you to the 100+ Women Who Care

On March 15, 2019 Bob Shipman, Executive Director of Opportunity House accepted a $14,000 Greatest Impact Award from 100+ Women Who Care to support Opportunity ...



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