Client / Family Testimonials


 “I like it here. I like to stay here because it’s my home. I have lived in other places growing up, and I want to stay here. I like that I have my own room to listen to music in.”



“I think the staff is great. I enjoy being able to go out into the community independently. I really like watching or going to movies, and making pizzas at the house. At the workshop, the jobs I enjoy doing are packing, sealing, and the jelly beans.”

Roxanne W.


“The staff is kind and gives me space when I need it. The Vocational Department staff has been helpful with finding jobs in the community. I enjoy taking trips with Opportunity House to Brookfield Zoo and train parks. I also like that I can use the computer to look things up.”

Matt R.


“I really like ‘Guys Night Out’ and having WI-FI at the house for my tablet. I like that staff and my friends celebrate my birthday.

John G.


From Families of the People We Serve:

“Our story is not unlike most families with adult special needs children.  We searched over a year to find the most appropriate setting or agency to provide safe and comfortable housing, employment and social opportunities. 

Our son has been part of the Opportunity House family for 18 months.  He has a beautiful home with dedicated, compassionate staff, housemates he cares for and employment at the OH work site.

After only 18 months he feels he is home at OH.  We are convinced Opportunity House is the perfect choice for our son.”  

Steve and Pam S.


“Danny could not hold a job due to his disability. With help from Opportunity House, my brother was able to gain confidence, independence, proper understanding of responsibility, a job, and financial stability. They also provide great activities and assistance with housing. I am very proud of Danny and what he has become with the help of Opportunity House.”

Caresa V.


“My brother, Pete, started working at Opportunity House when it first opened in 1963. He worked there for 48 years and every day he would get up, get dressed and be anxious to get to work. He had such pride in his work! I remember once we were out shopping and he smiled when he saw a package of IDEAL wire nuts and said “I do that at shop!” When he wasn’t working, Pete was involved with volunteering in the community at local churches, libraries, and delivering meals-on-wheels. He loved the recreational activities (except for camping!) and Special Olympics sports. Pete was pretty much involved in all programs at OH over the years. And when he could no longer stay at home, Pete moved into one of the group homes where he was cared for by dedicated and exceptional staff. Without Opportunity House, Pete never would have had the opportunities he had to contribute to society and live a satisfying, productive and fulfilling life. Thank you Opportunity House.

Helen T.


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